Passion connected with results in Business Analyses!

Jan his passion is developing businesses. In this he achieved quite some things during his life.
Jan Coerts is co-worker, he works in teams and wants to be succesful in cutting costs, managing large budgets into smaller ones and saving money by reducing waste. He like to save energy and therefor he thinks first before he starts. When the plan has been reviewed and approved he will start. Yes he is a self-starter.
His process kwnowledge is the valuable cornerstone of his know-how (multiple roads lead to Rome), his social behaviour (humour) the backbone of his approach and his rich experiences in different branches and businesses (maximizing for success) are the finishing touch which can help therefor a broad list of people, departments and organisations more than one step further down the road:

Many references can explain the successes he was part of, just a few to mention and explicitly he likes to emphasize that his success is his success because he shares it with others.

-Fokker Aircraft, a simulation model, which enabled Fokker to take the decision to reduce from 10 stocks into 1;
-Cordis (a Johnson and Johnson company) a statistical process control with a return on investement of 2 days was realized in 3 months within budget (20% under budget, within time, 3 months and with a life-cycle of 12 years before it was retrofitted into a new one by Chess;
-Min. of Defence and others gained from a Software Maintenance Process Model, introducing cheaper SAP software maintenance costs;
-PWN, realized to move from customer satisfaction 7.5 to 8+ after finishing a 14 month programm, which was executed under Jan his leadership, after he took over the responsibility after a manager became sick; Jan kept his promises and deliverd the SAP changes and realized 15 other projects on time and far under budget; 120 outstanding debt days were reduced to 60 and the outstanding amount was reduced from 3.1 million to 1.5 (this positive financial result was a bonus); Quality Monitoring was succesfully introduced as well as knowledge management; He can explain the total business case which was written down by the team he was working with;
-at a regional water authority he proofed that introducing a process management approach cannot be done with people who stay operating and thinking functionally (like in the old days), change amangement is necessary, the example of a real proces (Order-to-Payment process) was a catalyst for further changes in the organisation;
-a startup weekend in 2011 learned him that being a real entrepreneur needs a lot of patience especially when operating in the health care, lead-times are long, persistance and belief are there to make it succesful.

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