This is the code of the book i am going to write about relationships between people based on my own experiences. Some people will say we do not fit together, and leave it, with his analytic mindset, he analysed what happened to him and tried to describe what he saw, without blaming and shaming. A poem of Rob Schouten did give him the last push in his back to start with this book, here follows an outline

Title: the last divorce
1. What I received when I was born about divorce?
–My Grandparents divorced
–My father was a child whom suffered from divorce
–WHat I remember from childhood as a result of the divorce
—> Positive points
—> Negative points
2. My own relationsships and how they ended?
3. Grown up in terms of relationship
4. Analysis paralysis in relationships
5. Focus and exercises for people who realize the same a I did
6. The divorces I have seen and the patterns I recognise
7. Why there will be a time without divorce again
–Need for achievement of a renewed focus
–Need for power to become the best in the relationship
–Need for belonging to a group of two people

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