Business Process Management

Since 1990 I am aware of Business Process Management….first by the topic of Business Process Reengineering (Hammer & Champy), later I came in contact with Prof Scheer in Saarbruecken. His background also lay in Mechanical Engineering and CAD/CAM which is also my background.

I learned working with ARIS, I learned the methodology of eEPC and discovered there was a whole world of talking about transactions and how to manage these. That is how I connected the Business world to the IT world. I became a ARIS train-the-trainer…implemented ARIS in large organisations and did a lot of consulting in different branches.

I always maintained my knowledge and always use the pictures in my head modeling based on eEPC because it gives me so much back in correcting myself asking questions. In new situations towards new customers doing often business analyses and extend them often to business development projects.

The fact that ARIS has been sold by IDS Scheer to Software AG shows that the world where I worked in for so many years and where I have used ARIS more as a functional development tool is still under construction. ARIS version 9.5 including BPMN.