Capstone Project for WorldBank

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend the end-presentation of students presenting their Capstone Project.
The students: Master students from Hanze University studying International Business & Communication.
Their teacher Dr. Franz Josef Gellert, Assistant Professor MIC and Marketing Expert IBS invited me to hold a presentation about my start-up company early February this year.
In February I discovered there were more interested organisations in these Capstone Projects. One of them was the Worldbank. Simona from Worldbank held a presentation and stipulated two questions for the students to work out.
Shortly after this beauty contest I received the message ‘One students has selected your project as number 1.’ From there I started working with this student.
The others started their project of choice. And now this week I was able to see their final results.

Two groups did a different project for the Worldbank, the common denominator was C4C and action4climate. Connect4Climate.
The first group of Andra Steltemeier (Germany) and A.V (from T-and-T), the other with Cait Abernethy (CAN), Claire (Fr), guy from Cyprus and Mohammed from Saudi Arabia);

My summarry of the purpose of their projects was to have look how the world can become to be better informed about the project the worldbank does on climate change.

I saw a link here with my own private beliefs:
-I bought a sustainable built house
-I empower myself with Solar Energy and Solar Heated Water
-I drive a sustainable car (LPG, the car is 17 years old);
-I attended a course on Climate Change
-I am working for Volantis (our office is the most sustainable office in the NL and is called Villa Flora*);
-I recognised among the SWOT analyses that I could offer the Worldbank to change one of their weaknesses into a strength and to fulfill one of the Opportunities

-I offered to get access to the people I know from the classes I attended at the Milton Keynes university
-I promised to sent a link to the Climate Change film made by a dutch Filmmaker (woman) whom I met during a discussion in the Groningen Forum (end of last year organised by the Energy Academy of Hanze Univesity and RUG)
-I have a connection with the woman who has done the Communication for WWF in the NL;
-I have connection to Duurzaam Groningen and invited them to hold a short presentation during an Open Vuur meeting a month ago.

*More information about Villa Flora

Architect Kristinsson: Villa Flora, Floriade 2012

Pellikaan: Villa Flora Venlo

Villa Flora in dagblad DeStentor

Green Office 2015: oplossing voor maatschappelijke vraagstukken

C2C and Villa Flora